Customized Solutions for Businesses

Build a future ready organization starting today

1 - Talent Mapping

For a company to be sustainable and successful over the long term, it must go beyond mere adaptation to market conditions. They should try instead to anticipate changes, acting before they are forced to do so. The most successful organizations are those that have learned to be prepared both organizationally and culturally to respond or rapidly adapt to all situations. 
The importance of talent mapping is the ability to contact with prequalified candidates with high performance and potential as quickly as possible for key positions in the organization when the need arises. 

Flexible organization structure is a common characteristic of successful companies 

At MONAD, we offer a premium talent mapping service to companies that need strategic workforce planning and we build a qualified talent pool based on current and future needs of the organization in advance of critical positions.
Our consultants develop your organization's talent mapping by conducting in-depth analysis of your growing capability and potential. You can utilize this insight to create strategies, which can attract and keep high-performing professionals in your company.

2 - Volume Recruitment

Achieve competitive advantage through your workforce

MONAD can help organizations streamline processes and quickly respond to high-volume hiring requirements, delivering cost-effective and results-driven solutions.
Our team of experts deploys the most effective assessment methods to identify and isolate the ideal candidates for your corporate culture from our nation wide expansive database of qualified candidates. MONAD helps you to assemble your dream team to help you on your mission on a tight timeframe. 

3 - Contingent Staffing Solutions 

Lead your team to predictable success in unpredictable times

MONAD helps companies to enhance their business agility and competitiveness by implementing contingent workforce solutions.

When should you use contingent staffing?

  • In need of new personnel due to rapid business expansion
  • Implementing and managing new seasonal projects
  • Supporting management of projects in corporate restructuring
  • In cases of prolonged leave
  • Managing projects in corporate mergers


MONAD is the right solution for a guaranteed quality service for your company’s flexible workforce needs. Consult with us for the best contingent staffing solutions today. 

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